Saturday, 19 April 2014

Garden Photoshoot

I'm afraid my blog is gonna turn into a solely BJD blog haha~ I'll have some different kinds of posts soon, but I took my Hujoo Action Girl, who I've named Rika, out in the sunny garden today for a little photoshoot!
Here are some of my favourite photos I took of her:

 Love this one! ^

You can see more photos on my Flickr or in Rika's photo album!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

First BJD Faceup

If you saw my previous post, you'll know I have a new ball jointed doll! She needed a face so as soon as my sealant finally arrived I couldn't wait to get started on her! A quick rundown of my supplies:
 Face mask and respirator from ebay (the spray sealant is pretty toxic) and cotton gloves also from ebay (I use them while spraying, I would use them when touching the doll while doing the faceup but the fingers in them are too long and I can't get the grip I want ;o;)
 Mr Super Clear (MSC) matt spray sealant from ebay. This is pretty much what all faceup artists use. It also took nearly 2 months to get to me D: There are alternatives but this is highly recommended.
 Pastels and watercolour pencils. It doesn't really matter on the brand, just make sure they're oil free and pretty high quality. Any oils will damage the doll and high quality will give them a high pigment and colour better. Not pictured is acrylic paints (I only used black for eyeliner) erasers and pencil sharpener, and an array of brushes.
 I started with the blank head after spraying with MSC 2 times and letting it to dry between coats. This will give the pastels and pencils something to 'grip' onto.
 I started on the lips first. I was nervous and tentative to start with, but I realised you can easily remove mistakes with an eraser. I liked using a putty eraser since it moulded itself to the shape of her face as I erased.
 I also shaded the inside of her ears.
 I think I spent the most time on the lips as I kept not liking what I'd done and re-doing it. I think I'm happy with the result though.
 I started adding a little eyeshadow with pink and a little light brown pastels.
 I used pastels to draw the line for the eyebrows and watercolour pencils to do the little eyebrow hairs. I also used pencils for the lines on the eyelid. You can see I added more blush and eyeshadow.
 A side view shows her ears are a little darker too.
 I drew lines on her lips with a pink watercolour pencil and also small dots in her nostrils.
 The eyeliner was pretty nerve-racking, I was using a tiny brush with black acrylic paint and I felt so shakey! I found that a cotton bud dipped in water could remove mistakes pretty easily, and because I'd used MSC to seal in the previous layers, the pastels didn't rub off with it.
 I used a brown watercolour pencil to add eyelashes to the bottom of the eyes.
 Minor adjustments before sealing for a final time...
 Then adding eyelashes (small ones for human use) using white PVA glue that dries clear.
 A side view shows these better.
I also added some gloss to her lips (I just used the stuff I use on clay charms) and then I could put her head back on, eyes back in and wig on her head!

Not bad for my first try I think! I'll be uploading a progress video of her faceup on my Youtube soon, so look out for it! This girl still needs a name, I'm not sure but I'm thinking Niko would be cute :3

Saturday, 12 April 2014

New BJD - Hujoo Action Girl Dana

I received my first big BJD the other day! This is the Hujoo Action Girl Dana from The Junky Spot (you can also buy from Angelesque if you're based in the UK)
Normally BJDs are made from resin, but this one is made from ABS plastic meaning she is cheaper, more durable and I think, lighter. She is also adorable ;o;
More photos under the cut!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Ryuko Matoi Makeup Tutorial & Cosplay Update

I'm not the best at makeup, but I wanted to show you how I did my makeup for my Ryuko from Kill La Kill cosplay. It's mostly down to the eye liner, and I used pictures of her eyes for reference when doing this.
I started out with the Neo Sunflower blue lenses from my previous review.
I then did a base of concealer and foundation, topping off with a translucent powder to set it. I use powder mineral foundation from Bare Minerals and Collection pressed powder, but you can use your favourite products. Like I said, it's mostly to do with the eyeliner to achieve the look.
 I mostly used this picture of Ryuko I found on Google images, and paid special attention to the gaps in her lower eyelid where the 2 little lines for her eyelashes are. She also has angular lines at the top and a single line for an eyelash, so I included that too.
I roughly drew in photoshop what you should be aiming for, as my photos aren't the clearest.
As you can see I also darkened my eyebrows (probably a bit too much) with some eyeshadow. This is optional, but if you have light or no eyebrows you can draw them on paying attention to Ryuko's eyebrows. They're pretty thin, and should be drawn to make you look angry. My eyebrows are too thick and dark to do this accurately, but it still works.
 You can see the little wing I did for the eyelash. It's not the neatest, but still looks decent from a distance and in photos.
 I did the other eye, and lined my bottom eyelids inside the eyeliner with a white kohl pencil. This makes your eyes bigger and more anime like.
 I circled in red what you can do next to define the eyes, a line in the crease of your eyelid makes your eyes more cartoony and can also add to the 'angry' look.
It does look strange without the rest of my cosplay, as this isn't what you would call a daily look haha!

 I actually forgot to use mascara for this, but it still looks okay to me. Mascara would work really well, but I probably wouldn't suggest false eyelashes, as Ryuko doesn't have that much in the way of visible lashes.
 Here it is with my wig on!

 And then I decided to have a little photoshoot haha~

 I can't decide whether I prefer to pose goofy or serious when cosplaying her ;o;
 don't lose your waaaaaaaaaaaay!
I've been obsessed with the KLK soundtrack over the past couple of days, I'm so sad the series has ended now D:
Anyway, I hope you liked this tutorial/cosplay update, I might do a video tutorial, but last time I tried makeup on my youtube channel people didn't seem to like it LOL

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